Monday, December 29, 2008

The elephant is also G rated

Alex has informed us that some girl is hot. "Hollywood hot" not "Stove hot".

Later that night we were talking about how names change when people get married. We learned that women can take the man's name, men could take the woman's name, they can hyphenate the two, or you can make up whatever you want. Immediately I think "Princess Consuela Banana Hammock". The kids, however, came up with names for each other:

Annie Noelle Hollywood-Hot

Annie Noelle Annie Loves Wyatt

Annie Noelle PINK

Annie was the subject of most of these but I'm not sure why, exactly.

The list was never ending and continued for a long time. Eventually bedtime put an end to it all.

Yesterday we went to see all the grandparents and pick up Christmas presents. A lot of the presents from Brandon's mom were clothes which were put on layaway prior to the kids' growth spurts this fall. And they came from K-mart which means we have to get back to Spokane to exchange them. Our weather was sunny and clear today so we assumed the Spokane weather would be also (should have checked on our stolen internet!). Gramma and Grampa Miff gave the kids some gift cards to Red Robin so we thought we'd do dinner and exchange the clothes.

We got about 30 miles from our goal and came upon roads with fog, blowing snow, and no visible asphalt. Hmmm.

We kept driving (I LOVE that Aiden learned to drive in Alaska!!!) only to stop about 15 cars back from a three car pile-up which looked to involve at least 1 semi from what we could see through the white screen. In fact, we couldn't actually tell what it was that was causing the stop so some guy in a small pick up drove by twirling his finger at everyone in our lane to turn around and go the other way (it was TOTALLY cue the banjo-esque but we refrained because he was kind enough to let us know!).

Thus ended our big trip to Spokane for the day. The weather is forecast to be decent tomorrow both here and there so are we going? NOPE! Unless we wake up feeling like punishing ourselves again. Three kids in the car for a pointless 3 hour ride is plenty exciting but I don't know if I can handle it for another day.

On the way back into our lovely town the kids' movie ended and they were not pleased at the prospect of watching Scooby-Doo for the 900th time. Ashley kept covering her ears and telling us "I DON'T understaaaaand Crunch!" over and over. I decided to start singing to keep them occupied as it had worked the night before on the way home.

The Wiggles have the great "willaby wallaby w___ (*rhymes with something) an elephant sat on ______ (*the something you rhymed with)". Very complex, right? After a couple of versions of that it got morphed into An elephant lived in Pullman. Then it was
Willaby Wallaby woop, an elephant made a poop!

And on from there. Again Alex proved his 8 year old comedic prowess with a story-line containing the poop, a pee, and then Willaby Wallaby Woilet, why didn't the elephant use the toilet?!?

Boys grow so quickly, just a few months ago we were stuck on farts (which the elephant also made) and now we've progressed to other bodily functions. Woo hoo!!!

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