Sunday, December 28, 2008

Snow Removal?

I do not believe the manager of apartment complex hired someone to perform "snow removal". In fact, I am quite certain his contract clearly states that his job is to "push the snow around all over the parking lot, thus making it seem as though you are doing something when in fact you are instructed to simply leave as much snow as possible behind all parked vehicles". Since I am certain this is what his contract states, he is doing a fabulous job.

If I am wrong, however, and his job actually is to clear snow from the parking lot, this guy must have learned to do his job in Florida or Arizona. In the past couple of days I have spent close to 3 hours digging and shoveling in order to move our van from being stuck (twice) and to leave in order to buy groceries. For those of you who don't know, I am a disabled veteran, so this snow removal crap is really annoying and painful.

The guy who does the plowing came through today. He made one pass around the parking lot leaving (barely) one lane to drive on. He never clears empty parking areas (and there are a lot since everyone is out of town). And he likes to leave giant piles of snow behind parked cars. Last year one of these piles tore off the undercarriage guard on our van.

Snow removal at its best.

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