Thursday, December 18, 2008

Make it Stop, Make it Stop, Make it STOP!

Whoever made up that insipid song about letting it snow didn't live anywhere like here. They probably lived in a place that had snow plows and USED them. This lovely place has them, and even uses them, but I swear they purposely set the plow part 2 inches above the road. Why? I don't know. But come look at our roads. Even before today's dumping it was awful driving out there. Don't even get me started on the HILLS part of this place.

Schools all around the area got canceled today. Not us. And by "us" I mean the kids' schools. They decided a two hour delay would suffice. But then I heard from Amy that it was supposed to dump snow on us for the next four hours. I thought for sure they would cancel school. Nope! But no one could give me a straight answer about which buses were running which routes. The same woman gave me a different answer than she gave Amy five minutes apart. So I decided I was keeping them all home with me. (Clearly this is helpful in my studying for the last of my finals).

If I had gone with the information I was getting, I would have had to drive Alex to school at 10:30 on Sunnyside Hill, take Aiden to work at 11:30 on what I think is called Military Hill, take Annie, Wyatt, and Andy to school on Sunnyside Hill at 12:15, get Ashley to school on Military Hill at 12:15 also (so easy in this much snow!), go home and pick up Amy and James to get back to Sunnyside for craft day in Kindergarten by 1, take Alex, Annie, Andy, Wyatt, Amy, and James back home at 3, go pick up Ashley at 4 and head back to get Aiden at 5:45.

Instead, I sent Aiden to work and called the kids in sick everywhere else. I don't know what Amy did but craft day got cancelled. At least the kindergarten teachers have it right even if the "stupor"intendants have no clue. I feel like I'm still in Lynden waiting on Howie.

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  1. Wow, you are brave! I couldn't ever be a teacher, I would much rather pull teeth! Haha. Good luck, hope it ends up being a faster and easier road for you!


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