Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I don't even want to say it.

Aiden went to the ER tonight.

When you're quite finished laughing (MATT!), we'll proceed....

Okay, it requires, as all my stories (aka tirades) do, some back story.

On my birthday we got to go to the ER because Aiden's face was swelling up and the doctor's office couldn't get him in and they sent us there. (not our fault). He had an infection in a saliva gland and was put on some antibiotics. Apparently these antibiotics can cause naturally occurring bacteria in your body to secrete toxins. You'll know this is happening if you get diarrhea. FUN!

Before that all happened there was the passing out for no good reason.

Before that happened his heart started racing at random moments. Like while he's asleep. This is not from stress!!! No one has ever really thought much of it and it's an ongoing part of this mess.

Two weeks ago his leg muscles and butt muscles started twitching. After 10 days of random and frequent leg twitching and cramping I made him go to the doctor. The official reason was the muscle issues but then all this other stuff came out and she did an EKG, a bunch of labs, and some poking and prodding. She listed off like 4 reasons he could be basically dying in the next 24 hours but then decided it was this one prescription that is causing the issue. She has written him off before and basically did that with this. Until we hear back from a specialist in Spokane she's unwilling to do anything else.

Except this drug has known side effects NONE OF WHICH ARE ANY OF HIS SYMPTOMS.

After waiting all day Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, having to leave work to do more lab blood draws ("right now!!" but the lab still had his blood left from the day before so we just wasted a drive across town.), the stool sample, and feeling progressively worse each day, he announced tonight that his heart (which randomly races) was sore. Not painful like a heart attack would be, just... sore.

Sure, let's just go to bed now and I'll wake up with a dead husband. AWESOME.

I sent him to the ER so I could feel better. They're just going to send him home with orders to wait for JoAnn (the not-doc) to decide to do something but then we can sleep well. I couldn't find anyone to come watch the kids so he drove himself. An hour later he texted to say they were going to keep him overnight.

Then they weren't.

I got Priscilla to come over (yay!!! for Priscilla bailing us out again!) and I took her car to the hospital. When I got there, there was an answer:

My husband has not had a heart attack in the last week but he is going to the ICU and will have a stress test in the morning.

When I was in the hospital for 2 weeks, Aiden spent every moment he could there with me. I'm not as good as him. I've admitted this before. I have my own strengths but they do not involve sleeping in a hospital room on the sad little couch they provide. I was going to wake up in 2 hours anyway when they did his vitals so I got his approval that I am not a bad person and I came home to sleep.

Priscilla is asleep in my bed and I am blogging and I have class in the morning, no babysitter as of yet for that time, and no car. He drove ours to the hospital and there it sits. I can ride the bus to class and probably get a ride to the van tomorrow but I am just stressed right now.

The up side is they are checking him out and the ER doc knew right off the problem is not his prescription JoAnn (the not-doc) was blaming. He's one we've seen a few times (I know, I know!) and was frustrated with the need to go to the ER for Aiden to get any decent care.

Me, too, if anyone's taking votes.

The other up side is his lead teacher was telling him it was just anxiety (I have a whole tirade on that but I'll skip it) today and basically poo-pooed the fact that his body is broken all the time so when something ELSE is wrong, he's aware of it. And he's had anxiety attacks so he knows how those go. So I got to leave a message that he's been checked in the ICU and will prrrooobbably not be at work today.

I shall keep you posted.

Don't you feel mean for laughing, now?


  1. OH! I'm so sorry! I hope everything turns out okay....Keep us informed!

  2. Hope Aiden is feeling better soon! So frustrating when nobody can figure it out. :(

    Hang in there! You're the greatest Wonder Woman I know!

    Kiss and hugs for all!

  3. I am sorry I was laughing last night. Didn't know what came over me, it wasn't really funny just the only thing I could do as I saw you trecking to the ER again. No one your guys age should be visiting the ER as much as you do. It would make me very nervous as a spouse also. Once again I am sorry for the inappropriate response last night and I hope that everything turns out OK.

  4. How annoying! You guys have the worst ER luck that I know! When we got inside, Matt felt so bad for the initial laugh. He didn't think you were serious! Ha!

    I hope they can get Aiden all fixed up. Let me know if I can help in any way! How stressful!


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