Saturday, January 31, 2009

Annie tried to kill Alex this morning. Repeatedly

Alex has been reading the Harry Potter books. He's really into them and since he's seen the first 4 movies, he knows how to pronounce a lot of the words he might not have gotten right before. This morning he's giving the girls lessons in Harry Potter as he tries to get them to play it with him.

They came out here armed with wands made of transformer missile launcher parts for the girls and a dagger looking piece of transformer for Alex. The only spell Annie knows is Avada Kedavra which she says repeatedly while firing her missile at Alex. Alex keeps responding with Expecto Patronum but in a voice so bored and lacking in conviction it would never conjure up anything but enough to protect from "eat slugs" let alone the killing spell.

Ashley is just mad she can't push the button on her missile launcher hard enough to make it actually fire.

Just so you know they are Harry Potter, Hermione, and "Ron's little sister". Guess who got no actual name: Ashley. I gotta teach that kid to recognize when she's being used.

I asked Alex if he told Annie what she was saying and he said "I told her it was one of the unforgivable curses". Annie must have gotten somewhat embarrassed by being called out on this so she disappeared. Only to reappear with a NEW wand: A foam finger from a hockey game Alex went to with Brandon.

Alex just looked at her and said,"well that's ridiculous."

At that point I told them to go play in their rooms because I can only listen to my kids utter the same spells over and over so many times.

On the way Ashley announced, "I'm Spirit."

And every one's incorporating that into the Harry Potter fun of the morning.

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