Saturday, January 31, 2009

culture and relief

Since I changed around my major a bit, it turns out I don't need any more math (evidently my calculus was enough). I weighed out the option of dealing with this woman or getting out now. I dropped her class. HOO RAY!!!

Anyone looking to buy the textbook for Math 251/252? It works for 2 semesters...

On another fun classwork note, my music professor and her TA are playing in the Washington Idaho Orchestra which happens to be putting on a symphony this weekend. Actually, they are putting it on twice; once tonight at 8 and once tomorrow in Lewiston during the Superbowl. Now there's something cultural available for aaaalllllllll the people on the Palouse.

Since my teacher and TA are playing in the symphony, it's extra credit if we attend. My friend who braved the other concert (read: LYING LIE FEST) with me is feeling under the weather and is choosing NOT to attend this one. Grrrr....

I would totally take Aiden but then there's this thing about getting a babysitter. And I get in for free but we'd have to buy his ticket (or dupe someone into picking up his ticket and giving it to us, but whatever, It was trumped by the babysitter thing). I was talking to Amy about the kiddos getting to the bus and the play date to be had with one of her kids and Ashley, and how two of her kids were throwing up (not the one that was coming over), and I snuck in how she needed a night out... how would she like to go to the symphony with me?

HA! She is totally excited, got her husband to pick up her ticket so she's going for free, and now I have a date for my boring night at the symphony.

In an effort to draw in more of an audience in Pullman beyond the students who are bribed to go, they are apparently giving out free pie at intermission ("rock my world" Amy said). I bet all this did was bribe for more students to pick up the extra credit concert, but we'll see.

AND it's only 2 hours. Actually it's only an hour and a half. Rock MY world!

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