Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Bid Thee Farewell

Yesterday was my last day as the Star's PM Aide at HeadStart. It was a day just like any other, except I made sure to get at least one hug from every single student at some point during the day. There was no parade or grand-doing of any other sort. That's the way I like it and pretty much what I expected. After all, I will be on the substitute list and will stop in frequently to say hello to my students.

I did receive a card from one student and his mom. It was very sweet. He wrote my name and his name all by himself. The script is fabulously preschool-esque. It choked me up a bit, because I'm a girl like that.

Holly keeps having regret over the quitting thing. I will absolutely miss that job. But I'm really looking forward to finally regaining control of this battlefield we call our home. It is a constant struggle to just stay on top of the cleaning, let alone provide regular home-cooked meals, homework time, chore time, reading time, bath time, etc., etc., etc. My family is my priority and I feel as though they got pushed aside when I started working.

All in all I feel grand about the decision to leave full-time work at HeadStart. I am so thankful I got the opportunity and that my teaching style and interaction style with the children was so well received. It has made me re-think teaching at the college level and consider elementary education instead. We'll see, I suppose. The opportunity to substitute in varying classes with a variety of children and teachers will probably help me make that decision more soundly.

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