Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I left 4 voice mails and 2 emails over Christmas Break. Not total but to the powers that apparently be in the Human Development department. I kept checking my DARS (the wonderfully hard to understand degree audit system that tells you where you are in any given degree) to see what I might need to take.

I dropped my chem class for Spring semester and was sitting under a full time student status for financial aid which they process later this week. I HAD to get something done. Multiple phone calls (with only 1 voicemail lest they think I'm a horrid person and refuse to let me in) this week have turned up nothing.

This morning I broke down, figured out what I need to take, which classes still have openings, and I scheduled myself for 13 credits. I am now full time again. Hopefully I beat financial aid's timeline for sending out money to my bank.

Then I called, just one more time, and got a hold of this woman I had rather unfairly judged as a bad/mean/unkind woman. She sounds totally nice and I am meeting with her this afternoon. I will be officially changing my paperwork so the school knows I am switched over and I will be on my way. I hope.

Maybe she'll refuse to let me in anyway. But then I'll be justified in calling her those adjectives.

But I doubt it. Think good advising thoughts!!!!

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