Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I Quit!

Ok, not in a bad way. But I do get to give notice at the preschool. Honestly, I'm not that sad about it. Perhaps I should explain all this.

Holly's changing majors, an idea that excites me because she'll be teaching and I'll be teaching and we'll all be one big happy family with summers and breaks off together. My parents both taught, and I loved that they were around when other kids' parents still had to work. With that said change of majors she's had to change classes and has wound up with a schedule completely not condusive to my work schedule.

Maybe I should be sad about this. But, really, the amount of work I do at my job for the minimal pay and appreciation makes it hard to be motivated some days. I love the kids and the actual work I do, don't get me wrong. However, getting up in the snow at 6am to ride the bus for 1 hour and then returning home for a couple hours so I can go BACK to work - - well, that kind of sucks. I'm the only aide that gets pulled out their regular class to ride a bus during the day as well. So there's another hour of bus fun where I'm not even working with my classroom. See where I'm getting at? All this for minimum wage. Yup, minimum wage for maximum responsibility.

Also, I'm stoked about the idea of being able to take care of my house and my family again. The hours that I got stuck with at the preschool have made me feel like an absentee parent.

So, that's where we're at now. Either Brandon's child support will have to get in order or I'll be finding a job that fits with our new schedule.

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