Monday, January 05, 2009

Read Aiden's post first!

As previously mentioned we had to go to Penney's last week while in Spokane. I got to stand in the never ending return line (because I couldn't find the short line for people with things to return from Wal-mart *gasp!*)

While I stood in line Aiden took the kiddos to find a potty. "You're taking three kids," I said,"make sure you bring the same three back!"

Mostly this was for the entertainment of the elderly women standing around with their mouths agape that the man was taking the kids potty. Alone.

While the boys waited for the girls to finish up they were looking at the "as seen on TV" crap for sale right by the bathroom (at least they market appropriately). Alex is, as every kid his age is, convinced we need everything available on tv. We've had countless discussions about how they actually CAN lie on tv and things are not as cool as they look.

(small rant but does anyone else remember the commercial in the 90s in which the announcer guy actually said "Barbie does not actually talk"? It was for the Barbie dream pool or something. The girls in my house laughed for a long time. Almost as long as the Barbizon commercials)

Anyway, Alex started telling Aiden if he had $20 with him he'd buy that super cool talking "pee-doe-mee-ter". Aiden explained what a pedometer is. "Now why would you spend $20 for some piece of junk to tell you how far you've walked? You can just keep track yourself or buy one of the cheaper non-verbal ones."

Alex conceded this was a good point and then saw - ! - a jump rope that counts how many times you've jumped. He quickly realized it would only count how many times you swung the rope around but failed to see that you could count for yourself. Aiden led him to it; "at the Dollar Store you can buy a jump rope that doesn't count. In fact, I think you can get 2 for a buck. Is it worth it to pay $28 more just so it will count how much you swing the rope around?"


But then, Holy Cow!! Some stupid exercise thing!

It can't be crap because it has pictures on it that show what it does for your body, right? Again they talked about how you can just do the exercise yourself for free and buy Pokemon cards instead (we're tackling one crappy purchase at a time).

So Alex leans way in to the box to see that lady's muscle groups outlined on the box. He points to a random muscle group and asks what the colored shapes are (target areas, in case I'm explaining it wrong).

Aiden tells him "that's her butt! Dude, you're checking out her butt!"

hence, Alex is butt man.

In reality we know him to like boobs and red heads. Boobs for reasons I'll spare him from my explaining here and red heads for two major reasons:

1. I used to take the kids to Applebee's once a week. The one we went to had this greeter who had lovely red hair. Not that awful Ginger kids red but dark auburn red. Alex, who can eat more than anyone I know, would get sidetracked if we sat anywhere near the door. I had to remind him to eat because he just couldn't stop staring at this girl.

It could have been that she had large... tracks of land (ha!) but then we get to...

2. We had this friend who refers to herself as the little red haired girl. The kids met her once and then a few months later she was coming over for dinner. I was trying to jog their memories with where they had met her and what they had talked about (futile, for the most part) and then Alex gets it with "Annie, it's the girl with the red hair!" It was almost reverent how he uttered it.

He likes them fiery, I guess.

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