Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 Random Things. Fine.

I have been tagged by multiple peoples both on here and on Facebook. I finally committed to do it on Shaila's blog so...

1. I bought my first car when I was 18. With my mom and dad's help I talked the dealership down from $6500 to $4550. I have never made as great a deal on a car since then. CLEARLY I need to take Dad with me for all car purchases.

2. I got married at 19 because I had moved to Pullman for school and I got lonely waiting for my roommates to move over. Not a reason I suggest to people for getting married.

3. I wouldn't take back getting married because I got the three best kids in the world from it.

4. I am married to a WAY more controversial type of person now but I love him more than I ever thought a person could love someone who wasn't their own child or parent.

5. I think life would be really fun (which is my goal) if it was like a musical. Could you imagine people randomly breaking into song to explain things? Awesome.

6. I have kids who are just like me. I'm sorry, Mom.

7. I get a sick pleasure from taking tests. I will miss this part of school whenever I graduate.

8. I always think I am going to fail tests. Aiden no longer lets me stress before tests by saying "I'm going to fail" because then it always goes like this:
"I'm going to fail".
"you always say that, no you are not going to fail".
"but I mean it this time. I really really mean it".
"you always say THAT, too!".

9. My favorite things include falling asleep to a good book, watching movies with my family, singing, and attempting to understand how Aiden is not as jazzed by science things as I am.

10. The last part of #9 is usually done as I am in the throws of trying to explain something to him. I think I am doing it in really simple terms or maybe drawing off a term I previously explained. Eventually I notice the blank stare on the randomly nodding head and give up.

11. I wish I was magic. Secretly I imagine what I would use my powers for (always good, generally cleaning or transportation).

12. I am a gossip. I try not to be malicious about it but I don't know if I always succeed.

13. I smoke.

14. I harbor delusions that I could be a professional singer. But I am often too shy to sing in front of people and do a good job. I will purposely not do my best.

15. I would always choose to laugh over cry. Unless I'm sick. Or stressed. Or mad. Or... seriously, I almost never cry.

16. I cannot stand sitcoms like The Nanny where the jokes are so obviously set up. But I still watch them if I come across them on TBS or something.

17. I hate Reba McEntire's music (mostly) and I CANNOT stand her movies from the 80s or 90s or whatever but I LOVED her show REBA on WB.

18. I would totally have an affair with David Boreanaz but not from his Buffy days. Only Bones.

19. I like looking up my favorite movies (or movies I hate)(or any movie I am currently watching) on and read the goofs and trivia.

20. My feet grew almost 2 full sizes while I was pregnant and now they are down to just 1 full size bigger.

21. I hate being pregnant but wouldn't say no to a baby being given to me.

22. I have tried to die during childbirth twice. Sort of.

23. I lettered in drama and football in high school. I managed the football team with a friend of mine and another kid. The team took a vote and had my friend and I letter in football and the other kid (a boy) got to letter in football management. ha!

24. I skipped my high school 10 year reunion last summer because I HATED high school.

25. I still don't feel like the grown up most days. Every once in a while I have a kid jump to attention when I say something to them and I remember I am almost 30. whoa.

Tag yourself if you want to do it. I'm stealing Shaila's idea on that since I also don't like to be put on the spot. but if you haven't done it, do it. It's hard and probably builds character or something.

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  1. Good job, you were way fast! Isn't it fun reading these!


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