Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bowling on the Palouse

The flu is over. In celebration of feeling so much better I convinced Aiden that we should take the kids bowling. We hit up Zeppoz.

Brandon used to make fun of my bowling style. It turns out Aiden sees the same Shot Put technique going on. Fine, I bowl weird.

Alex must have gotten his technique from the genetics he got from me. The big difference is he throws bowling balls discus style instead of shot put style.

Maybe lawn bowling would be better for our family.

The girls have their own style, generally a combination of Granny Bowling and the ramp they can slide the balls down. At one point, in an effort to get more oomph! behind her ball Ashley resorted to trying to Granny Ball it with a kick after it. She missed, luckily for her toes, but that didn't stop Annie from trying the kick approach on her next turn.

Our lane kept turning itself off every 4 turns or so. After 7 times of having to turn it back on the people who work there finally changed us to the next lane over. I don't know why they didn't do it up front but they did give us 25 extra minutes to let us finish our game. In all, a fun time. Then we went to Lick's and got kid scoops (and grown up scoops!). Yummy!!

Some fun pictures from our adventure at Zeppoz:

PS- the video is fun. If you have spare time (no pun intended but it was easy!) check out some of the other videos on youtube about bowling. Some are dumb, as usual, but some are freakin' hilarious.

Until it said it was an ad I thought it was a video about "when the Young/Rushings go bowling"

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  1. Anonymous12:02 AM

    We're so cool. And Alex was pretty good! Maybe we should shy away from football, get him one of those cool wrist guards, a rolling bowling bag, and one of those towels to shine his sparkly bowling with!


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