Wednesday, February 04, 2009

(no more rhyming about that...) anybody want a CAT?

I had to twist Princess Bride to get it to work but I figured it's better than just straight out trying to give away my cat. Maybe this way someone is dumb enough to think the cutesy rhyme is due to the cutesy cat.


I was laying in bed next to my dear Aiden last night, doing the "what the heck is wrong with that one kid?!?!" discussion as we tried to fall asleep. He is usually the one who can't sleep but had taken two Tylenol PM so he would sleep for sure. I can ALWAYS fall asleep but not if I stay up past that point. The one where you get your second wind and are then wound up and cannot sleep for... ever?

I also cannot fall back to sleep once I actually wake up. In this light Aiden moved the cat box out of our bathroom and into the kids'. I know he posted about it but here's the kicker: I can now sleep, the cats are not climbing on me and clawing me to hold on as I try to roll over. Grrr...

But now they sit at the bedroom door and crrrryyyy all night. I can sleep but AIDEN is kept up all night by the damn cat. Sigh.

It's only one cat that is doing the crying. (guess which one is available.)

Part of the talking last night led to how crazy the cats are (I had been telling Mom about them on the phone). On cue there was the requisite crying at the door. Clearly it's Crook. it went on for a little while and then I got sick and tired of it and barked back at the door.

It shut him up for a few minutes. It also made Aiden re-think being married to me. Luckily he just laughed. In fact, when it started back up after awhile, Aiden barked at the door.

That got him to stop for a bit also but THEN came the running at the door. How do we know he ran at the door? Because he doesn't stop until his head runs into the door. BAM!

They have also managed to jump at the door handle, hit it just right, and get the door open. This was apparently the tactic he chose to employ next. Y'know that cartoon spring sound? Boi-oi-oi-oi-oing! This is the sound our door handle makes when Crook tries to jump it open.

I don't know what happened but I eventually fell asleep. Long after Tylenol PM boy did. And then Ashley came in to tell me she had to go potty.

I wonder what else I can bark at today? I'm that tired.

**This was a lot funnier in my head last night as I couldn't sleep.**

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  1. Anonymous8:11 AM

    It's still funny ;-)

    And seriously, the psycho cat needs to be muted.


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