Monday, February 16, 2009

President's Day means NO SCHOOL

Except Headstart didn't get the memo.

They also did not send OUT the memo that they would be having school (maybe due to the part where they missed the first memo and therefore didn't know their memo was necessary).

There was a parent teacher conference scheduled with Ashley's teacher this morning leading Aiden to stay up until 2 am cleaning the already clean house. The conference was at 9 am. At 9:30 I got a phone call from the teacher:

"When I talked to you last week did we schedule the conference for today?"


"Did we say nine?"

"uh huuhh..." (this is me being snarky without saying "you messed up!")(Because that would be rude)

"Did you realize it is at the school this time and not at your house?"

Oh. Shoot. "no."

Then she informed me that one of the bus drivers was sick so the buses are not running.

The lack of bus this morning did not help people know/realize there was headstart today (there's like 10 kids in our complex who go between the morning and afternoon).

I decided to see if I could help people get their kids there (so the kids wouldn't miss out) by driving them up with Ashley and I. I have to be there today anyway for a class so it wasn't a big deal at all.

On the way to asking people, I got David to come play with Ashley since Annie was on a date with Aiden.

So I am now posting a blog about HOW BADLY I NEED TO GET THE KIDS OUT OF HERE. Mostly because there are now the girls, two extra boys, and just arrived... another extra preschooler. I am running my own preschool today, I guess.

For the love, I am outta here! but I now get to drive them up the hill and spend the next 4 hours surrounded by MORE preschoolers. Assuming their moms and dad drove them in.

Maybe I should offer to pick them up.

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