Saturday, February 14, 2009

How I know

When I first met Aiden he was not a firm believer in celebrating Valentine's Day. In fact, he was quite a firm believer in MOCKING Valentine's Day.

Now he celebrates it as well as we can on our budget. This year I got to go out to lunch with him on Thursday since it would be the last time all weekend we had no kids and the babysitter situation didn't look promising. I got a new stuffed frog (somehow this became a thing for us) and a new mirror to replace the one he stole for shaving in the shower with.

But I don't need expensive dinners and jewelry to know he loves me. I don't even need a mirror and a frog.

I know he loves me because of all the other things that happen. This may just become a new label category for me so I can post random things as I think of them.

I know he loves me because we have two bathrooms (which he keeps clean!) and if we both gotta go, or if there is a possibility we will both have to go, he will use the kids' bathroom thus allowing me to use the bathroom free of pee dribbles from bad aim, scary things in the garbage can, toothpaste all over the sink, and the cat box.

That's love.

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  1. Anonymous7:53 PM

    Yes, baby. It's SUCH a sacrafice ;-)


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