Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th. Yes it was.

I had a test today at noon. It was for my class in which we talk about development of kids through age 8. I think I have a pretty good handle on the material so I put off studying until last night. The studying never got to happen. (it all turns out okay as I think I aced the test)

Yesterday afternoon I went to my 2:50 class but got there 15 minutes early. As I was sitting in the super comfy seats (y'know, the desks with the unmovable table-y desk part that was made for super skinny peoples in 1950?) waiting for class to start I felt a familiar tingle.

No, I didn't have to go potty. I had a sore throat. Again. This is how my last cold started a week ago only then it was bilateral (both sides).

Actually, this is how my last cold since I was 8 has started. It is probably how my gall bladder attack started and potentially it is how my water broke and I went into labor. I am honestly surprised I didn't have C-sections via my tonsils. Yep, they are that great.

By the time class started my left tonsil was shooting pain into the left half of my brain and down my throat. I managed to not throw up during class, got through the bus ride home, took my friend home after dinner and made an appointment at my doctor's office for this morning. Then I went to bed.

This morning I noticed my tonsil didn't hurt as much, but that is not saying anything. I threw up and had the runny nose and itchy ears (way deep inside like your tongue should just be able to fix it for you. You guys know what I am talking about, right?).

I went to the doctor's appointment after my first class and she said my lymph node was HUGE on that side. She decided to run the rapid strep test which came back negative. She's pretty sure it's wrong as they miss 5% of the time and wanted to run the longer one for a more accurate result. I didn't think that it was necessary because by this point it didn't hurt like strep hurts so I figured it was just some virus. again.

She said if I start getting worse this weekend to call and they will just phone my prescription over to the pharmacy without even looking at me. Apparently I've probably gone through this horse and pony show enough times to know if I need antibiotics.

So now by my own stupidity and bravado I get to spend my weekend popping Advil for pain, gargling salt water (it dehydrates the viruses and/or bacteria and makes them DIE), and helping Halls have a better stock on Monday.

I also get to write a speech, a paper, and study for 2 tests.

Maybe in my free time I can google how to remove your own tonsils at home. Anyone want to come assist?


  1. Man, you guys might have the weakest immune systems I know! Sorry your froat urts so much! That's no fun! Hope you get feeling better soon. Maybe if you eat lots of Valentine candy it will help!

    PS Winston has worn his little cougs shirt twice now. It looks so cute on him, but I keep forgetting to get a picture of him in it. Thanks for it though! You're so sweet!

  2. Maybe I do have an awful immune system, but it has always been my dang tonsils. One doctor told me (a long time ago) that it's probably a virus that keeps sitting coming back after lying dormant for a while.

    Another doc just said everyone has a weak spot and mine is the stupid tonsils.


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