Thursday, February 12, 2009

...and mine.

1. Holly needs some more details to fireup her own fantasies. (hi, Mom!)

2. Holly looks like a femme fatale lounging on her red lounge. Kind of regal like. (what I aspire to)

3. Holly says that the focus on her d├ęcolletage doesn't concern her. (work what you have, right?)

4. Hef's Holly Wants Less Plastic in Playboy. (This Holly doesn't care)

5. Holly does have a strange build. (it's called FAT)(I had to go through 3 pages to get past some porno that also starts with "Holly does". Awesome.)

6. Holly hates fur on her back... (I edited this sentence because it was about Hef's ex again so there was a less than savory ending.)

7. Holly asks if Eve is going to kill her, since everyone will know it was her. (note to self, no friends named "Eve")

8. Holly likes to sing (yes, yes I do)

9. We wonder how much Holly eats (more than you, that's why I am fatter than you.)

10. And Holly wears the crown. (of course she does!)

11. Holly was arrested for shoplifting in Puerto Rico, while visiting an old pimp daddy, and was locked up in an old dilapidated jail. (at least it requires a lot of story, like everything I do!)

12. Holly loves the sea. (it kept her man safe and spit him back out so she could find and marry him)

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