Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Wheels on the Bus go round and round. So does Justice

Being a big kid isn't all it's cracked up to be.

We got a phone call on Thursday from Jim at the bus garage. I was so excited to hear what he had to tell me about my kid. Turns out there's a new bus driver on the route and he has talked to my son repeatedly about being more quiet/in control of himself/NORMAL on the bus so he (the bus driver) can focus on driving safely.

In fairness to Alex, his ADHD meds don't normally kick in until he's had them in his tummy for 30 minutes and he gets on the bus after 5 or 10 minutes sometimes.

That is all the fairness he got. Upon coming home from school on Thursday he got to sit in his room until I got home. Then the big discussion was had. He tried to blame it on the bus driver being unfair to him. He found out that was NOT going to fly. He cried. He got grounded. For a week.

We've experienced "grounded" before but it's always been kind of a pansy effect. THIS time, he's grounded from

No TV. No computer. No Playstation. No nuffin'. He's got his room, the stuff in it, occasionally his sisters to play with, books, and puzzles.

He was told he could watch a movie with the rest of the family if we all sat down to watch it. Yesterday he was bored bored bored and asked me if I wanted to watch Harry Potter with him.

Nice try.

I keep feeling bad that this is his weekend. Aiden, who is much better at this part, keeps reminding him that if he's old enough to be doing big kid mistakes, he's old enough to have big kid consequences. He doesn't like it but he's learning something.

PS thanks to Mom for telling him about when I was in trouble on the bus. Really. thanks.

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  1. Anonymous6:51 PM

    Yeah, it seems kind of harsh at some moments when I know he's bored out of his mind. But then I remember how embarassing it was to be the parent of THAT kid when you talked to the bus people. He's learning something. He hates it, but he's learning something.


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