Friday, February 06, 2009

a concert and a stand off

I finally made it through a culture inducing and GPA raising concert. This weekend is the festival of contemporary music at WSU. To kick things off they had the faculty composer's concert last night. This was promised to be extra credit and less than an hour so a lot of our class showed up.

While it did NOT last less than an hour (1:45) it DID consist of six songs by four different faculty composers. The first one was a computer generated mess that felt like a bad acid trip. Stephanie and I went together; I think she summed up the first number best: "It felt like that point in those movies where you find out your kid is actually an alien and you rethink everything he's ever said to you". yep

The rest of the concert was not quite as bad but it was not good, either. Until the last two songs. These were composed by our professor's husband who looks a little like Liam Neeson (a LITTLE, like they have similar hairlines and both have two ears...). His two songs were not jarring and scary. They were musical and had pleasant feelings attached to them. It was a nice way to round out the evening.

I got home and there is this orange cat wandering around outside our building. It was out there the other night and Aiden said it followed him around while he looked for a Missing Cat poster. It even kept pace. This cat looks like Garfield. A lot. And he's very sweet and has a broken meower so it comes out all sad and pathetic.

I decided the thing to do was (I don't know why!) to let him in the house. But he wouldn't come in. He just kept standing in the doorway with his head cocked like he was deciding. I don't know what his problem was, maybe the two black cats in the kitchen puffed up and Row-er-ow-er-ower-ing at him was part of it. (Crook proved what a pansy he is by hiding behind Jack which I thought was fantastic).

I picked up this cat and set him juuuust inside the door. He would not make eye contact with me, Aiden, or the cats who were spitting at him. huh.

Eventually I put him back out and we closed the door. Our own two cats, who are from the same litter and have always been together, spent the next half hour puffed up at each other and smelling each other and me and the door and everything else.

Aiden says if they start spraying it is my fault.


  1. Anonymous11:01 AM

    I only say that so if it does happen I can guilt you into cleaning it. Which means I'll say you should clean it, you'll bat your eyes at me, and I'll clean it up in the end. But only because I love you ;-)

  2. I love that I can manipulate, I mean... uh....

    so easily.


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