Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thumbs down? No, Fingers down (MY THROAT!)

As Aiden pointed out, we had a great time at Safeway today. But since Aiden is short I don't think he got the full view of what was happening.

We were leaving Safeway trying to get me to class in time, yes. And there was a traffic jam, yes. But FIRST I have to say that the traffic jam was discovered as I tried to run into a black woman with orange hair extensions that made her hair and head HUGE and impossible to see around. Thus, I almost ran right into her. Oops. Luckily, I made a full and complete stop without any insurance claims needing to be filed.

Then it looked like we were inching forward but apparently the big hair head was just adjusting herself. Now I was REALLY close to running into her. And Aiden was running into me. It almost got way out of control. Now I am leaning waaaaay over to see around this orange extentioned woman to see what is the problem.

The problem, beyond the part where Safeway doesn't build their sliding doors wide enough to let two carts through at once, is a little boy. He's just standing there messing with everyone's day.
Mom was dealing with her daughter and procurring a cart while explaining over and over why they weren't getting the car cart.

FINALLY we (us, the orange haired woman, and 5 people behind us) get a visual of this woman. She looks like she is taking her kids' medications for them. The daughter was taking off without mom or brother and yet mom just focused on her son now. I wanted to scream at her when I heard her say, "...I don't know... this is some pretty thumbs down behavior..."

Of course she couldn't get OUT of the way before showing her fantastic parenting skills off.

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