Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Oh My

Don't forget to go back and read all the posts you've missed... As for the movie quotes, the leader is in at 2 of 9. Get answering! I swear there will be a prize that will get mailed out sometime after I finally get Kevin and Kirsten's Christmas Present Mailed out. (damn!)

I have a lot of time on my hands tonight as A) I finished my book B) I have a headache and don't want to read textbooks on Public Speeching and C) I wanted to find SOMETHING fun to read.

I did. I have found sometimes I can go from blog to blog by following links and find funny stuff. After all, if I read a blog, and they read the same one, we have a similar sense of humor, right? Yes. Unfortunately this doesn't always work. Sometimes I find people who appreciate the same humor but cannot write anything funny or even interesting.

BUT I found The Meanest Mom this way (thanks Heather!) and now I have found one I may be stalking soon. Anyway, Here's a post from her blog. I find it entertaining as I am sure anyone with kids would. For your pleasure, read the dang link.

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  1. I already stalk her, she's just not on my blogroll....I should probably put her there. Be sure to watch for Word Verification Wednesday, where you define your word verification word. It's hilarious!

    Like your background, btw.


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