Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Accidental Exhibitionist

After reading this post over at Short Stop I decided to share my own story. The major differences are that 1. she's not as scary to see in so little and 2. she will probably never see her guy again.

When we had first moved into this apartment we were waiting for the cable guy to come set our stuff up. One thing I can say about Time Warner Cable is when they give you a window of 8-10 am, they mean 7:55. Our front door opens and you can see right down the hall into the master bedroom door. We have our own bathroom attached to the master bedroom. I was getting ready for class and there was the knock at the door. Aiden answered it and let the guy in. Then he came right down the hall and walked in the bedroom. I had everything but a shirt on so the eyeful the cable guy got was not as bad as it could have been. It was still fantastic fun.

(sadly, we did not get any freebies from that guy. Maybe 100 pounds ago...)

About a year later I took an afternoon shower and was laying on the bed cooling off in my towel. Aiden was tooling around in the kitchen and there was a knock at the door. Our maintenance man was coming to fix the cupboard in our bathroom. I knew I didn't have enough time to get up and get dressed before he would get down the hall but I thought for sure Aiden would come check on the status of things before committing the flashing of his wife again.

Nope! Luckily I didn't try to get up so Brad just walked in to see my in a large towel which totally covered everything. I said something (I've blocked it out now) and he stepped back out while I threw on some clothing. Awesome!

Aiden is now under threat of his own exposure should it happen again.

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