Monday, March 02, 2009

Is it a full moon?

I didn't get to go hang out at preschool with Ashley and her class (and I get credit for a class!) last week since I was dying (I'm much better now, thanks). So when today rolled around I chose to go. Even though I have a test tomorrow that I haven't studied for and that I missed half the lecture for (from being sick!). I don't do well studying for tests I missed the lecture for AND I'm still very tired so when I bust out the hard to read and boringly written book for the class I find myself snoring on it. And if I'm going to snore I chose to do it on my comfy pillows and NOT on hard books. Just think of the paper cuts I save myself from!

I am scheduled to hang out with the class from 1:30 to 3:00 two days a week. Sometimes it happens like that and sometimes I end up being there until 4 when class ends anyway. Today, I could not wait for the clock to flip around to 3. I got there a little early and it was clear the kids (half of which were missing) had decided today was "be as squirrely as you can be" day. Like they were recruited by the ARMY or something.

Typically one of the kids is always off her rocker. Today, it was like she was on CRACK! Finger painting the paper somehow meant finger painting her hair, shirt, shoes, apron, chair, floor, etc. The assistant teacher got her cleaned up from that debacle to watch her go play with the lead teacher at the sensory table which was filled with water and water wheels.

After she dumped half of it out (okay, not quite but you get the point) she was sent to go write in shaving cream. (A REALLY fun activity to do with kids, btw). Then the lead teacher took one of the kids out to do some evaluation stuff and holy cow did things explode!

All the kids at the water table tried to spray down the room with turkey basters. The kids in housekeeping found out the baby dolls' clothing comes off and took it upon themselves to hide in a corner with a naked doll. Too much giggling was coming so one of us took one side, the other took the water table and we tackled issues.


Suddenly we realized we should look over to that area of the room. The area that was now covered in shaving cream. Turns out a very small amount of Barbasol foam can cover a lot of square footage. This kid had shaving cream all over the table top, herself (even on her back!), the chair, the wall, the other chairs, and and and....

Amidst all of this I looked and the clock and called out "It's three o'clock!"

Angie (the asst. teacher) replied "oh no you don't! Put that nasty wicked giggle of yours away. I will block the door but you are not leaving!"

I wouldn't have anyway but it was fun to watch the terror strike when she thought I would.

I did manage to escape (read: es cah pey) just 10 minutes late.

Poor Alyssa (the lead teacher) didn't know what had happened in the 20 minutes she did evaluations.

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