Sunday, March 22, 2009

I thought we had covered this

Yesterday I took the kids to Walmart to get things for their science projects. On the way home we started talking about how to make babies. We had talked about this last summer, naming all the parts and how it works, in generalized details.

After we covered how the baby gets in the mommy in the first place, Annie wanted to know how it gets OUT. I took a deep breath and was cut off by "I think it comes out of the bagina" from Alex. Annie asked if THIS part of having a baby hurts and I said that yes, it does. But there are a lot of things they have at the hospital to help it not hurt so bad.

She didn't care what those things are, just that they were needed at all. She pronounced that she is never having any kids. She pronounced that she doesn't want to grow up; she wants her body to stay like a little girl. I told her she didn't have to worry about it for a LOOONG time ("More than a year!" said Alex, who knows ALL about this stuff).

I also told her that it's worth it. That even though I never had them that way I had been told that when the pain is over and you get this really cute baby that's been living inside of you for 9 whole months, it's worth it.

This is helped by the fact that her teacher is pregnant and she is watching how Mrs. K will rub her belly without thinking about it and is obviously loving that baby already.

Then I reminded her that she has always said she wants to have 100 kids.

She got a look on her face that vaguely reminded me of Robin William's face in Mrs. Doubtfire when he's impersonating a hot dog. (this picture is not of that but is close enough)

She decided to edit her 100 babies down to a more manageable number.

"I think I will have just onnnne child" she said.

Then we moved on to how marsupials have their babies.

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