Sunday, March 22, 2009

D'ya know what I mean, DANCING?

After spending the day outside yesterday (between science projects) enjoying the sun and warm-ish-ness we were due to pay the Gods of the weather. They collected payment by making it rain. The sun did not shine, it was too wet to play, so we sat in our house on this cold cold wet day. Oh yes, we did.

By this evening we were sick of each other. This was made evident by the screaming and fighting that was going on. So Aiden came up with this really great idea.

We all piled into our bedroom and found spots on the big bed. Aiden manned the computer desk and we watched dumb animal videos. You know, the ones from Purina or youtube. We laughed and laughed and laughed. There was no more fighting. There was no more screaming besides the laughter.

When you hear these kids laugh out loud at cats falling off couches or growling at mirrors, you know this is where you are meant to be. Ashley and Alex felt the need to give us non-stop instant replays of the animals' antics but even that was tolerable.

The problem with abandoning Purina's website for youtube is that does not really care what goes on their videos. They don't ensure all the content is kid appropriate.

One clip we came across started with a baby in a carseat (or something) with a Cabbage Patch Kid. He rolled over and was rocking himself like he was going to crawl. Clearly, these people were not excited about the almost crawl as they ran their video camera. So while the adults got irritated, the kids were super excited to watch the dancing baby. This caused Aiden's face to turn SO red from laughter, not embarrassment.

Little did he know that after the dancing baby would come dancing bunnies, dancing doggies, dancing cats, dancing cows, and a dancing goat. The kids were laughing and laughing.

I kept talking about how the animals were so much fun, look at them dance, Aiden, don't you think it's so much fun to watch the animals dance?

He finally managed to suck in enough air to regain a normal-ish color of face and turned the video off. This caused a lot of whining and grumbling from the kids. Until another video was started and allowed to play having been deemed clean.
Soon it was time for bed and the kids and I were hanging out in the living room. We skipped story reading and just sang the "A Alligators All Around" song (see previous post - not like the last one but a month ago or so). The lyrics are:

A, alligators all around
B, bursting balloons.
C, catching colds,

Alex must have been in a mood to prove he was a boy through and through so when we all moved on to "C, catching colds", he went back to B and pronounced it would be "B, bursting BIRDS" and dissolved in a fit of 8 year old boy giggles.

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