Thursday, March 26, 2009

When it's not my pregnancy it flies right by!

All summer long the families in our apartment complex played outside. There was a Mom Brigade which would move our camping chairs around the complex depending on where the kids were playing. We all had a real sense of community. And the babies, Oh! The BABIES!!

Some of the mommies were newly pregnant over the summer, or at least newly announcing it, and the rest of them were popping out kiddos faster than we could keep up with. Aiden and I are always happy to hold babies for mommies needing a break so we had so much fun with our little set up.

Then the cold hit and the kids and mommies and pregnant tummies were locked away in their apartments. When they did venture out they were covered in so much bunting it was difficult to know who was who. And those bellies? They just hid behind fluffy parkas and loose sweaters.

Today we put Ashley on the bus for preschool and I saw one of the mommies getting home. I told Aiden I wanted to go see the belly; surely she must be ready to pop by now. She turned and I saw she was so skinny!! I was left with nothing to say but "did you have him?!"

She is gracious but I'm sure she wanted to kick me. Her baby is six weeks old.

He's beautiful, by the way, as all C section babies tend to be.

At least I bothered to remember she was pregnant. Aiden said "why do you want to look at _____'s belly? Oh yeahhhh, she preggers!"

Of course, that counts for little to nothing since he's got massive head trauma resulting in memory issues and I don't.

I'm so glad the weather is going to eventually be nice again. Then the moms can come back out and share their babies with us to hold.

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