Thursday, March 26, 2009

Science Fair

The long awaited Science Fair has come. It started at 5:30 (which at this school means 5:00 or you don't really love your kid). We turned in their projects yesterday so they were really only interested in seeing where their projects had been placed. I guess even elementary school kids know it's all about location location location.

We decided to start on the far side of the room and work our way back to the door. We found Alex's project pretty quickly and then saw Annie's project shortly thereafter. The rules included that the kids have limited help from their parents. Alex did most all of his project on his own. (I did some cutting and penciled in the lines for the orbits). His looks like a third grader did it all on his own.

Annie needed a little more help. Or maybe it was just that I wanted to help with hers due to the fun stuff we were using to put it together. Either way, I think hers was the best looking project in the whole place.
We took pictures of the kids with their projects before we took them to the school yesterday. They were so excited to see them at the fair (and I forgot I had taken pictures already) we had to take more pictures. Seeing their stuff would have been the most exciting part of the whole thing for me but then I came across an experiment where a kid decided to see whether frozen candles burn faster or slower than room temperature candles.

I told Amy about that one and she wanted to know the results. I had to admit I never got around to reading that. Instead, I got side tracked by this sign. It made me feel so safe.


  1. lol I found Hunter in the backyard with a magnifying glass today. He had it over a stick, which was smoking and even produced a flame. That's when I decided the magnifying glass should be put up.

    I find it strange that their school has science fairs. None of my kids have ever had one.

  2. Oh, and so you all know, Annie's head is not side ways ONLY because Aiden suggested, strongly, to her to hold her head like a normal person. So she's doing some kind of Uncle Fester move. WE


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