Saturday, March 07, 2009

My Friday Night Culture

If you'll remember, I am required to attend two approved concerts for my music class I am in right now. I have already attended one and half of another but still need the second full concert.

Last night, as Aiden was left with Alex and the girls who couldn't find their tin cups and thus resorted to kicking the wall between our bedroom and theirs, and I went off to my second concert with my friend, Natalie.

This concert was by a married couple who go by the professional name of 88 squared (88 keys on a piano, both of them play piano professionally. It's cute!). Both the husband and wife teach at WSU in the music department and are strangely gifted. They have played all over the US and I think all over the world. About a month ago they played to a sold out crowd at Carnegie Hall. Big news, folks.

I got in for free with my student ID and then I got to sit back and enjoy some crazy tickling of the ivories. In case I ever got confused about how well I could ever play piano I know now that I will always suck SUCK! when compared to these two. Their timing was perfect, they were playing loooong runs in perfect unison, they had 16th note chords they played perfectly together.

Two grand pianos playing in concert is strange to find. It was fantastic. During intermission they brought on a THIRD grand piano and played us and entire Mozart Concerto (No. 5, I think) and some Mendelssohn piece. The last piece had been difficult to find a third piano part for so the husband took the orchestral part and comprised it for the third pianist. Two weeks ago. She had the music 10 days before she played it in concert with this couple. AND SHE NAILED IT.

I thoroughly enjoyed the concert. It reminded me of a piano concert I attended with my mom and grandma when I was WAY younger (8 or 9 ish. Maybe 11). Only way better and I got way more out of it.

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