Saturday, March 07, 2009

Alex has it!!

We went to Taco Bell today (Post about why we were in Moscow to come). It was fairly busy and we ended up sitting next to the door. Alex was right next to it.

People kept coming in and going out and the door kept shutting pretty hard.

"I'm so glad this door shuts so loud!" he said, totally straight faced.

Aiden and I started cracking up.

"Where'd he learn to use so much sarcasm?" Aiden wondered.

"Mostly from Mom" came from Alex at the same time Aiden said, "Certainly not from me!"

I was trying to be indignant but was only half right. Aiden is equally responsible. But then


Alex said, "maybe I got it from my dad."

Aiden snarkily said to me (and of course Alex heard him),"your dad is just now getting his sense of humor back. You didn't learn it from him."

Alex answered with a "yeah, he is getting it back but he never uses it!"

I love that kid.

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