Sunday, March 15, 2009

This is Where Crazy Comes From

This picture sits in a frame on my dresser. It has been in this frame always on my dresser since the day I kyped it from the Costco envelope on the kitchen counter. Like 1996 or something.
It's all the kids in my family the day my brother headed to Alaska to fish. We took some serious poses (because that's how Dad likes them) but then we also took US poses. We are an irreverent bunch.

The kids look at it and ask who is who even though they have been told a million times. No wonder they don't recognize Aunt Lisa. She's changed a lot since then!


  1. nice wallpaper. and curtains.

    wish i was still that thin. i have the same picture.

  2. I wish I was still that thin, too. And I'm like 20 pounds more than you right now then. ick

    I like the Bolivian license plate on the awesome wall paper. I wish I had a picture of the carpet in the "pool room" which everyone now would call bonus. That carpet was NOT a bonus!


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