Sunday, March 15, 2009

How Crazy is it around here?

Since I posted about Annie yesterday I thought it was fair (and entertaining) to include some of Alex and Ashley's Saturday afternoon/evening. This is just some of the three hour block.

Alex got Batman Lego (Or Lego Batman, prolly) from Brandon for Valentine's Day last weekend. Unfortunatly he was grounded from his PSP so he had to wait a week to play it. Lego has this great series of Star Wars games out and I guess now Batman (there may be others but I don't know or care, really). When you kill something or run over it or whatever all that happens is the Lego pieces burst apart and then kind of disappear.

Because he had to wait a week to play it we let him play A LOT more than usual. He was explaining some part of it to us and Aiden said something about how it sounds pretty violent (half snarkily)

"But it's okay because it's just cartoon violence" was Alex's answer.

We all started laughing. Alex realized this was funny and said "you should blog about that".

Later on Ashley was helping me clean the fish tank. Remember? The fish called Lunch? Yeah.

She thought it was really silly that I had to catch him in my hand to plunk him into a water glass with some water (I didn't try the trick Stephanie taught me). Then she sat and looked at him while I washed the tank. I kept joking that I would eat him. Just drink him right down. She was laughing and getting really silly. Then we put the fish tank back together and carried it over to the bookshelf where we were greeting by a smiling Crook (the cat) sitting right where the tank goes. I'm serious, he was smiling.

We sprayed him with water and told him NO NO NO NO NO NO!

Then Ashley told me "He was waiting to be served Lunch!"

When she was getting her jammies on she told Aiden it smelled like "bahk" in here. Since she still has some trouble with R's becoming W's Aiden thought she had said "Bark".

She adamatly repeated it smelled like "bahhhhhhhk".

So Aiden said "Bahk?"

And she said "yes! Like 'BAHK' CHICKEN!"

The game Chicken Out was sitting on the floor that is probably where it came from but we briefly wondered what was wrong with her.

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  1. Dustin loves the lego games. He got lego Batman and lego Indiana Jones for his birthday.

    Boogie has no idea that Star Wars is an actual movie. If she sees any type of Star Wars preview on tv she says "It's Lego Star Wars!"


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