Saturday, March 14, 2009

We do Silly String Wars

Annie went to a birthday party today. On the way there we were talking about how there are more than 365 people in the world so there must be people who share birthdays. I remember learning this concept very distinctly when I was going to David Vanderveen's birthday party and realized his birthday was the same as my dad's. I didn't think that was allowed or something.

Anyway, Annie understood what I was telling her and then we started talking about how my sister and I share a birthday. "Like Twins!!" she said (because nothing is more exciting than the concept of being a twin when you are six and female).

I said that yes, like twins we have the same birthday but that she is two years older than me.

Then Annie blew my mind. "So she is thirtyyyyyy one," she said.

I know she knows how old I am. I know she can add two or count up two or whatever she did. I did not know she would have the processes in place to take those two things and put them together to get to the point.

I was floored at how fast she just put it all together.

For fun, here's a video of her at the birthday party. I love that she has friends with rich parents. These parties start at $105.

The downside is now she wants her party here next year. Saving my pennies...

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  1. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Actually Annie will have to save her pennies ;-)

    I am also so floored at her little "story problem" she did in her head. That seems like a big-deal kind of thing for such a munchkin. I can't believe how smart they are and how big they are getting.


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