Friday, March 27, 2009

What Goes Around...

Remember when you were little and you were trying to put the shoes on your Barbie Doll? Remember how hard it was to get them to stay? And then you'd figure out to put them on and then push them forward so the back of the shoe would somehow dig into Barbie's heel and hopefully stay on? But if you slid them too far forward the toes would pop out and you'd have to start over?

I had a pair of pink cowboy Barbie boots that were the ONLY shoes I could get to stay on the dang doll.

Things are a little different today. They are harder. I didn't know that was possible. But there's Polly Pockets. Polly is a evil concept clearly brought to life by MEN who have never had to put these dumb shoes on. OR had kids. (They also don't try to put the clothes on the dolls or they would have made them out of something that does not rip in half after 2 tries. Maybe I missed the part on the package where it says HULK but I'm sure Polly, some ninny sized girly girl cannot rip a jean jacket in half with just her finger tips if it's made of real jeans) But I digress...

Ashley came to me today asking for help to get the pink shoes she could find (because they are SMALL and get lost easily she had two different shades of pink with different heel sizes) onto her Belle Polly Pocket. One of them went on really easily. The other one needed some convincing. It finally went on but then I breathed towards the stupid doll and they both fell off. This went on for a few minutes until Ashley decided she would go find another pair of shoes. She gave up on trying to dig through all that crap and put Belle in her pretty yellow dress and completed the look by adding what can only be described as high fashion combat boots. With heels.

I guess she got tired of the clashing look so she found another pair of shoes. After testing to ensure these shoes would stay on she requested help changing Belle's clothes from her princess yellow ball gown to a hot pink with black fringe business woman outfit. I have to say, I'm wondering what kind of business Polly runs in that get up. The hot pink and black leopard-ish print shoes don't help.

One company, which we hate on principle but can like for only this reason, has completely skirted around this problem. BRATZ made their dolls with feet that detach at the ankle using a peg and hole method. They actually stay. The dolls do not have flip flops on perma-high heel feet. They do, however, allow for colored girls to have white girl feet. ANNNND, All the dolls look like they have joined Polly-the-Pimp's aforementioned business.

At least the shoes stay on.

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  1. Anonymous6:11 PM

    I REALLY love trying to get those danged things on when my Crappel Tunnel is all craz-i-fied!!!


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