Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bob Veela didn't build this one, either.

When we lived in Spo-kompton we lived in low income housing. I think they build them with materials on par with the income of the people who are going to live there.

For example, the cabinets were made with pressboard and held together with spit and a fleeting hope.

We were SOOO glad to move to our new place in a whole other city. They did not use pressboard and the cabinet doors don't fall off nearly as much.

Granted, when the bathroom one did come off it took about 8 months to get it fixed (and it sticks) but at least they are not falling off every week.

This is an improvement.

And our landlord is fantastic (I'm NOT just saying that because she reads this). She gets things taken care of.


The little piece of wood that goes around door jams? you know what I mean, right? The little 1 inch piece in the middle. Yeah... that one.

One piece of the one around our bedroom door was loose. From the looks of it the little brads holding it to the rest of the wood were just letting go.


And I couldn't just fit them back on the holes.

Weirder. (because I have done that in many doorways)

Today Annie pulled on it and informed me it was coming off.

"Well, stop pulling on it."

"Okay" she said. She let go and thunk it hit the floor.

I went to pick it up and found myself looking at the door frame.

It wasn't nailed in there. There are 2 pieces of what look to be staples coming out of the frame but they clearly had no purpose with this thing.

How was it held on, you ask?


Not even wood glue, it's got the unmistakable line left behind by a hot glue gun.

No wonder it fell off.


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. I am laughing so HARD!!!


  2. Nice!! I'll trying not to touch ours!


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