Monday, April 27, 2009

Because I need to remember that I like her

Today at preschool all the older kids were talking about who they were going to marry when they are older. One of the pairs is that Ashley and CJ are going to get married.

Tonight I teased Ashley about kissing CJ on the bus (again. Because it came up today at school) and I sang the song I learned from her at her.

She just smiled really big.

Then she sang it back about "Mama and Aiden". Then she said we were kissing for 100 years. (Frankly it's impressive she added 'years' since usually things are quantified as just '100' or '20' but never units )

I asked how long she and CJ were kissing.

She paused... then she got on her wiggly eyebrows Wiggly Eyebrows Pictures, Images and Photos and a Great Big Smile smile Pictures, Images and Photos and said "for infinity and beyond years".

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  1. Haha, Ashley is such a funny girl! What a little lover she is!


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