Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Did you just hear what I heard?

Last night at dinner Alex was telling us the best part of his day (maybe you'll remember this is something we do every night, or close to, to foster gratitude and optimism).

He really enjoyed playing a new game at recess. It's based on a book series he's reading (the name escapes my brain for a minute. It's early).

He was telling us how you can go from this level to that level. Then he threw in a word which sounded suspiciously like some dirty Spanish word I may or may not have heard in high school.
He told us you can be come "duh Pooty" (phonetics, people).

Aiden and I looked at each other and tried really hard not to laugh.

"What was that last level?" he was asked.

Suddenly he knew he was saying it wrong.
I didn't know he was saying it wrong but I DID know that word was NOT going to be okay. At least not the way he was saying it.

"Deh Pooty" he again said. "it's spelled D-E-P-U-T-Y"

DEPUTY!! Oh, the world was right again.

It makes me wonder what he has thought his deputy badge from Texas (ala grampa 'miff) said all this time.

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