Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fill a Bucket

There's a contest here to win a teacher appreciation kit for the end of the year. It clearly states that you can keep it for yourself.

Well, as someone who is going to be a teacher, I would LOVE to win this and get my very first start on stuff for my classroom.

It's all about a book where you talk about filling your bucket (and the buckets of others). Basically, you can do nice things for others and they can do them for you and you all get your buckets filled up.

One person who has filled my bucket is my seester, Val. Valerie is a great example of a person. When I was going through my divorce, I was a full time student, working 20 hours a week, dealing with three kids on my own, and my house was a pit!! To top it all off, Annie's birthday was around the corner and I was stressing out!!!

Valerie put the offer out to host the party at her house. Then she proceeded to throw the coolest birthday party ever. She did the goody bags, the cake, and a super cool Dora party for all the kids to enjoy. She even enlisted Mom to be Swiper (thus scaring the crap out of Annie, but that's besides the point).

I have always looked up to my big sister and I love her more than I think she knows. She and I may not be super close or talk very often, but when I get to spend time with her, I always feel uplifted and better about life.

There are many many other people who have filled my bucket. To name a few:

Check out Traci's blog. She doesn't update it very much but I love it for keeping me entertained with the goings on of her life and family. I also love it because it's genuine Traci. She is like a sister to me and I am SO glad I get to know her.

I also LOOOVE reading The Meanest Mom. She posts almost every day so I get to have something fun in the morning (she's 3 hours ahead of us). She keeps parenting real and has an excellent use of snarkiness and sarcasm, two things I enjoy thoroughly.

Obviously I love Tales of an OCD House Husband. Not only is it written by my lovely, wonderful husband, it provides him an outlet for all things clean-y (and that means I don't have to listen to him rant about the Alka-Seltzer toilet cleaner)(even though I thoroughly enjoy his ranting in real life). It also gets him to write. He has always wanted to be a writer and I believe he is good enough to be published over and over. He just doesn't have the time or motivation to actually write anything. This keeps his feet in the water, as it were.

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  1. Thank you for entering to win the bucket contest. I enjoyed your bucket post! Great job & Good Luck to you!


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