Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Dinner

Annie was swinging her leg in some pretend fit and almost kicked Aiden.

Aiden: If you kick me, I'll kick you.

Annie: Okay.

Me: Maybe we should all get in line and kick her.

She knew I was kidding.

Ashley: I have to tell you guys something. That, Annie is my best and my funniest and my funnest. And I don't want to kick her.

Then she leaned over to me and whispered: But I would get in line to kick Alex!

Alex: Hey!

Annie: I don't want to kick Alex. Maybe we should all get in line to kick Ashley.

Me and Aiden: We're not going to kick anyone.

Me: Ashley did not want to kick you, you cannot kick her. If I catch anyone kicking anything...there will be problems.

Alex: You mean any people.

Annie: And not the cats.

Alex: well, yeah, not the cats. So no kicking anything.

Alex: Well, except for balls. Because balls were made to be kicked.

Annie: Yeah.

Alex: Well, some balls.

Alex: Most balls are made to be kicked. So no kicking anything but the balls that are meant to be kicked.

Me: OHMYGOSH! Enough!

I feel like I have had Easter in Monte Python's Search For the Holy Grail.

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