Saturday, April 18, 2009

Maybe I need a Kit Kat. Maybe I need to get over it

This wonderful college I am attending does this really awesome thing: They give you a month (more or less) between Fall and Spring Semester. They give you Spring Break (while it's still snowing, of course!)(AND not during the same week the school district has their break.) for a week.

Then comes the best part!!!

Are you ready?!?!?!

Spring Semester ends on the Friday of Finals Week (dun dun dunnnnn). DUH! But then Summer Session?

It starts the next Monday!!

They wait until the weather is getting nice (FINALLY) and then they give you NO MORE BREAKS!
Technically I could wait until B or C session and take a couple of weeks off, but all the *good* classes (meaning ones I need) are in A session.

It does get better. Oh yes it does: Because Summer Session is so short (not even long enough to be called a SEMESTER) the classes run EVERY SINGLE DAY for about 3 Freakin' Hours.


So I have two classes. I will be spending May and half of June in class MORE than I am in class now. The difference will be I have 13 credits now but only 6 then.

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