Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Golden Rule

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Aiden and I approach a lot of things differently. Bathing the cats is one, dealing with crying kids is another.

Aiden got hurt when he was a kid. A LOT. At one point his face looked like hamburger from faceplanting and sliiiding off the front of his bike. Half his nose came off, teeth knocked out, etc. Plus, he's been hit by a car. TWICE. Once in 2nd grade and once as an adult.

I managed to get through childhood in one piece. Not that I don't have a fantastic scar on my knee from Brandon Milsap chasing me across the gravel driveway and me finding a sharp rock to fall on (stupid freeze tag), but I was generally unscathed.

So when the kids come crying and there's no blood, Aiden's approach is more "should we cut it off? Are you going to make it?" and the like. Mine tends to be more of a "c'mere, let's look... I don't see any blood... want a kiss?" type of approach. (this does not mean I am always this way, for the record).

Today we were all piled on the bed and the cats were being petted. Annie and Ashley got slightly wild for a minute causing one of the cats to run across Aiden with the claws out.

"OUCH!!" said Aiden.

"heee heeee heeee heeee heeee!!!!!" said the girls.

Ashley ran off while Aiden said "I love how they laugh at people getting hurt"

Annie reached across me and patted his shoulder. Very sweetly she said "You're okay"

I started laughing SO HARD

When I get scratched they are always "oh, are you okay Mom?".

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  1. lol That's funny. I have to admit my approach is more like Aiden's. I always ask them "Are you gonna live?" Boogie loves to tell me "No!" so I say we need to rush her to the hospital and pretend to do CPR on her, which makes her laugh.


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