Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Four Year Old is Getting More Action Than Me

In the middle of eating lunch today Ashley decided to interrupt what conversation was going on.

"I have something to say" she informed us (this is her new thing, I guess she feels like no one listens otherwise).

She waited until Annie stopped talking and all eyes were on her.

"Annie and Lu-uke sittin' in a cupboard, eatin' peanut butter, all I hear is *kissy sound* *kissy sound* *kissy sound*"

Aiden and I thought we were going to hear "sittin in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G" so when it was SO different we both started laughing.

Then we kept laughing because Ashley didn't realize she was being hurtful to overly sensitive Annie. We stopped laughing when Annie ran down the hall to her bedroom crying.

Ashley apologized and all is better.

The funny part is she learned it from Annie who learned it from Alex.

The funnier part is that Annie blabbed to Taylor, the girl who makes Alex's heart beat, that he liiiiikes her. So she has kept Luke's name VERRRRY secret from Alex. And Ashley ruined all of that secrecy and gave her taste of the teasing all in 4 lines of song.

Annie decided to sing it back at Ashley with "Ashley and CJ". She is so tough, she just laughed and her little eyes twinkled for a second. I asked if she LOOOVES CJ (I'm just as bad as the kids, I know) and she just replied "we kissed once. We both kissed on the lips at school"

Aiden reminded her that we can hug our friends at school but no kissing. Especially since she can't date until she's 23. Annie can't date until she's 30. This is due to the fact that she got caught several times (in preschool and kindergarten) hiding with Wyatt behind an oversize book in the corner of the library.

Alex has not kissed anyone yet, thank goodness.

At least not that he's fessing up to.

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