Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Sun Made An Appearance

I drank up lots of sunshine today. Too much Vitamin D has made me hurt.

The thing about sunburns is that they can only be felt a little bit until they are all the sudden really bad.

So here's my skin now.

I'm not complaining, btw. I am happy I got a jumpstart on my tanning for the summer. See, I have to burn several times, then peel, and then I get a deep tan that will last until November. I'm the only tan person at Thanksgiving.


  1. Usually I don't feel a sunburn until I'm out of the sun, unless it gets REALLY bad.

  2. Jen, I know what you mean. I have continued to burn for the last 3 hours and am much more red now than the picture shows. And I hurt. And I'm cold. And I am sleepy.

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