Monday, April 20, 2009

To Clear My Name Up Front

It is not a secret that I like one of our cats better than the other one.

It is a running joke that I am going to give him away.

Last night Aiden opened the door and the cat ran out.

Nothing new about that part, at all. But normally he stops under the stairs and is too chicken to go on.

Last night Aiden managed to grab his collar, which came right off, and the cat kept on a goin'.

Of course this was after the kids went to bed.

Now when they wake up they are going to think I got rid of him (I've been threatening since Christmas or something).

We stayed up looking for him for too long. I got up this morning and looked for him some more. Jack is freaking out. That part is actually kind of cute. And sad. He keeps sitting by the door. Either that or he's sitting in my bed rowr-rowr-rowring. Which at 2:30 a.m. is NOT cute.

And the great part now is this: even if he comes back, I cannot let him in. Who knows what bugs/fleas/etc he's picked up by running around with the random cats and bunnies and such last night?

The girls would LOVE me for that. "There he is, Mom!!"
"I can't let him in"

That would be all they hear. Not the reasons WHY.

Anyway, when my kids show up at your door asking to to move in because their mom gave away the cat, it's all a lie.

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