Tuesday, April 21, 2009

But the Cat Came Back, The Very Next Day

More Cat Drama...

I had to wait until later today to make this post. See, the damn cat came back. We went outside the morning after he left and he was nowhere to be seen.

I broke the news to all the kids and informed them that Crook would be unwelcome back in our house because of the fleas that would bite us and the other germs he may have picked up.

(Yes, I know a lot of cats go in and out of homes all the time. But not here. And I REALLY don't like this cat!)

So when we went outside to get in the car later that morning, there was Crook's face, staring us down from between the top two stairs of the stair case that runs above our door.

He was cussing us out.

I was faced with this cat, my statements to the kids about not letting him back in, and the reality all right in one fell swoop. In front of the girls.

I had to get to class so I threw him in the house and off we went.

Annie told me that we should vote about what to do with Crook. She voted to NOT let him stay in our house. (She also said she thought he HAD picked up some germs because her throat felt a little weird, but whatever)

Jack, the good cat, did not like that Crook was back. He spent the ENTIRE day following Crook around. He generally stayed one half a cat-length behind him and kept shouldering him. Then there was the smelling. I think Crook may have had a good time that night, ifyaknowwhatImean.

At one point Crook was sleeping on the chair Jack likes to sleep on, too. Jack couldn't get Crook to wake up and respond with a fight from the razor sharp claws to the side of the head so he went to the other end and bit Crook's manly pieces. Clearly Jack was out for a fight.

After dinner Jack escalated his disdain. He puffed up his tail and ROWRRRRRED at Crook. Then he followed him all over the house. Every time Crook sat down, Jack was claws out batting at him, biting his fur (and actually getting skin) and there was all kinds of hissing/spitting/low throat growling.

Since Crook had spent the day running back outside at every opportunity, and since I like Jack and want him to stay and feel good about it, I loaded the dumb cat into the van.

We drove out into the country a bit and I stopped the van. I opened the door, he stopped crying, and took about 2 seconds to judge this new idea.

Off he ran. I have never seen a cat go so fast.

If I had any second thoughts, I would have been out of luck as he was gone gone gone.

So now I am the culprit but the kids all know what happened. Alex "woke up" when I was heading out the door and was ready to fight on Crook's behalf.

I explained the thing about wanting Jack to like his home and feel safe. Alex didn't believe me about all the cat drama. Jack started cursing out Crook right then. It was AWESOME timing!

I guess I drove him far enough away (and past the bears where he started crying differently like he could smell the danger... he SO won't cross that line of the space between here and there). He didn't make it back this morning.

Old Mr. Johnson does not live here!!!

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