Thursday, April 23, 2009

An Otherwise Boring Afternoon...

Alex came home yesterday with a joke:

What does a dragon call a knight in shining armour?

**answer at the end of the post**

After they got their snack I took Alex and Annie out to play. Apparently I had forgotten how windy it was earlier. There was one other kid outside. Alex ran off to play with him so Annie was stuck eating her apple with me.

She informed me that the boys were playing some game with Zorro.

"... and he's the... well, like the villian or something." she told me.

I LOVE that "villian" just rolled out of her mouth as she was searching for an even better word.

Then she danced on the bench and sang a little song about the "tragic plank".

I don't know where she's coming up with these words, but I love hearing them come out of her mouth.

When Ashley's bus got here we had to head to her doctor appointment.

We took her prescription (YUP, she's got the pink eye) to Rite Aid and headed to the Dollar Tree while we waited for it to be filled.

Alex looked at the empty store front between them and said, "Dinner in Minutes seems to be desserted."

I told him that was funny and he didn't know why that was funny. I restated it to him so he could hear it.

The rest of the day I asked him to tell his funny joke to people and he kept thinking I meant the one about the "dinner thing".

No, I meant the other one. But I'd make him tell both since he's SO proud of the accidental funny he made.

Then we had to try to explain to him what a pun is. Have you ever tried to do that? I still haven't managed to, but I tried. When you need an example, they are no where to be found.

***The dragon calls the knight in shining armour a foil dinner!

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  1. Lincolns newest joke is:

    Why didn't the skeleton cross the road?

    Because he didn't have any guts!


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