Saturday, April 25, 2009

"Oh, You're SO Cheesy!"

I have an addiction.

Well, several, actually. But this particular addiction is to Qdoba's 3 Cheese Queso (and their overly salted chips but that's different).


I get PMS and waaaaaant it.

This is better than chocolate (don't send out lightening bolts, Traci!).

I like other food there, too, don't get me wrong. But if I can only have $4 to eat out on, a side of Queso and Chips and a Large Coke to share is good for me!

I looked online to see if the recipe is listed. I'm sure there's a lot of fakes to weed through, BUT, Aiden printed one of them out, went investigating and shopping (it called for Pablano peppers which are AKA Pasilla or Ancho. It took some digging to know what to buy at Safeway).

He roasted the peppers, fine diced tomatoes, those peppers, and a bunch of other stuff. He learned there's a difference between heavy cream and whipping cream ;), and he made me an entire crock pot of knock-off 3 Cheese Queso from Qdoba.

It wasn't the same. We both knew it. But it was still really good. AND it was better since he made it for me.

and then I ate the entire thing of it in 48 hours.

We don't have the kids this weekend so we spent the entire day today watching shows, sleeping, and just taking it easy. We are totally broke but we scrounged up $6 and went to Qdoba for 2 sides of Queso, chips, and a large Coke to share.

I inhaled my Queso. I pointed out that I deserved applause for NOT licking out the bowl as I sat in the corridor of our "mall".

Aiden took his time with his bowl of cheesy goodness. He calmly placed the lid back on his bowl.
While it was half full.

I couldn't believe what he was doing! My eyebrows must have shot up high enough to tip him off.
"I'm saving it so you can have some later," he told me.


Romance on a dime (or $6) is so fantastic!

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