Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our Son is a Ladies Man

Alex has a little crush on this girl in his class named Taylor. We harass him from time-to-time about it, but for the most part take it easy on him.
Taylor apparently overheard Alex telling their teacher that he would be gone for awhile on Friday. As Alex tells it, Taylor seemed very concerned that he would be gone for a long time and was very relieved that he would be back on Monday.
I went to pick up Alex up from school on Friday so we could head off to their dad's house. We found his class playing outside, after much running around the inside of the building trying to locate them. We were trying to find our way back into the building (darn security measures and the locking of all but the front doors) and passed Taylor and her two little friends sitting on the ground watching the class play.
"Byyyyyeeeee Alex," they all sing-songed in unison whilst waving their little hands and batting their little eyes at him.
I giggled.
Alex said, "I'm glad she doesn't seem so worried that I'm leaving now. Now she just wants me to safe a trip, I think."
After gathering his things from the classroom we headed to the car.
"You want to know what I've been dreaming about lately?" Alex inquired.
"That Taylor is kissing you," Annie and I both joked.
"No. But I have been dreaming that she loves me. And I think she does."
Ahhh, to be in "love" in grade school again. How fun. And cute. And sweet.

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  1. lol I was thinking about that grade school love earlier today. Mainly because my 16 year old has his first official "real" relationship. You know, the kissing, hand-holding, inviting each other over for dinner, going out on dates kind of relationship. I started thinking about those grade school relationships and wondering when he grew up.


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