Sunday, May 24, 2009

Also works for words that rhyme with 'witch'... I guess

While sitting at the gas station yesterday the kids were driving me nuts. I can't remember what the talking was all about, just that there was a lot of it. And it was going nowhere fast.

"Look!" I said, "A limo!"

As a kid this would have been enough for me to be distracted.

It still works.

After we all managed to see the limo, which pulled up right next to us, Alex explained, "Or a limousine."

Well, yeah.

Annie wanted to know the difference.

It didn't matter what I said, she decided a limousine was two limos long. or two limos put together.

Finally I got through to her; "you know how your friend is named Addison but people call her Addie? It's the same thing with limo and limousine."

"Oooohhh... what?"

"Like sometimes we say 'honey' but sometimes we say 'hun'? To call people it, not about the food." I have to be very specific sometimes.

She was positive she understood me now.

"Oh, so like, if a man has a dog and names it Honey and then he says "c'mere, Honey" then his wife and his dog would both come?"


Ashley and Alex just wanted to know who would name their dog Honey.


  1. Hey! My grandma had a cocker spaniel named Honey! lol

    Sometimes it's so hard to explain things to kids. But it's also fun trying to figure out how their little brains work.

  2. How funny! I love it, the dog and wife both coming when called honey! Kids say the funnies things!

  3. Who would buy a new purple car?

  4. Val- Egg-zac-i-tally.

    I couldn't figure out a way to put that in the post and not go completely off track. Which I do all the time but am trying to curb.


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