Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The warm weather brings out a lot of clothing not seen since 9 months ago. This if fun, for the most part.

I know I wear tank tops and thus expose you people to the fat that is my upper arms. But at least I shave all the appropriate areas to wear capris and tank tops. You are welcome.

Today, I saw the strangest thing.

First, it was just a really run down new-ish blue minivan from Idaho (oh, the first problem).

It finally parked and this person took a really long time getting all of their stuff together to exit the vehicle.

Having finally emerged I was able to note it was a man in his mid to late thirties carrying one of those GIGANTIC plastic soda mugs, a laptop bag (sans laptop), and a take out bag from Ivars. I think it was Ivars anyway, I couldn't really see it.

The man was wearing a self made tank top... you know, where they rip off the sleeves themselves so their old t-shirts which are full of holes can live another season? The holes are never in the sleeves though.

I was waiting for Aiden and the kids to come pick me up so I watched this man walk past me. Then I noticed it; he was smuggling squirrels in the back of his shirt!

Or was it a chinchilla?

Maybe it was a black lab. But they have short hair, don't they?

Whatever it was, it was covered in long, black, THICK hair that came up out of the back of his shirt like a really confused pompadour.

I'm still not sure what he was smuggling but I can assure you it was dead as it was not moving at all.

How he wasn't being tickled by his own back hair (if that's really what it was) is beyond me.

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