Thursday, May 14, 2009

In which I whine and celebrate

Since Summer Session started I have been at school from noon to five every single day. And I am tired.
Add that to Aiden having so many apartments to clean between the two complexes and the girls being home all morning, we're all exhausted.

Except the kids.
But you know it's bad when we're too tired to go get groceries.
My brain is so mush that I keep having things happen that I mean to blog about but I cannot remember them longer than 2 minutes. Which is sad because in those 2 minutes I have mentally written blogs about the happenings.
On a different note, final grades for spring came out today. I got me a 4.0! Yay!!
I was so mad about the speech class I was in I actually sent an email to the dean of the department who sent it on to the guy that oversees the class who ensured me it will be dealt with.

I am not normally a complainer who will do more than just whine to anyone who will listen but it was SO bad. The entire semester included a grand total of ZERO teaching. And we got out 40 minutes early every time. Which left just enough time of class for us to do some pointless impromptu speech on topics like "should Micheal Phelps be fired from his endorsements with your ficticious company or should we hire him because of his pot smoking?".

In other fun news, Annie got her staple out yesterday. We got there early (for a lot of stupid reasons) and had to wait about half an hour (still got in early, though!). She was so patient and brave; she colored a picture for Dr. Mike's nurse, Janel, who she decided was "a good person", kept watching the desk for Janel to come back so she could give it to her, went back to the nurse's station to give it to her (with permission), read me a book, colored me a picture, looked at the fish tank, and was awesome.
When we got back to the room she was sure the finger painted (and then mass produced... meaning NOT original work) calander was painted by Janel (obviously good kid work, awful adult work... like I had done it or something). Because "she's a good painter, I think".
I don't know WHY she is in love with Janel, Wants to marry Janel, have Janel's babies, but I like that she's recognizing people other than sorority looking girls as good looking and/or nice. This is a big change from the norm and Janel is NOT sorority looking at all. (although she is also my favorite nurse there)

This is NOT what they use.

Janel showed Annie the tool to take out the staple, Annie was brave.

Janel went to get Dr. Mike, Annie was brave.

Dr. Mike came in the room, Annie was NOT brave.

We both reminded her that she was brave up until now. Dr. Mike said "I did not lie when the staple when in. I told you it would pinch. I am not going to lie now. It WILL NOT HURT."

It was great. He counted "1,2,3" and it popped right out. He showed it to her, talked about what it looked like in her head, how the whole thing worked.

There was no threat or suspicioun of murder on this trip; she said "Thanks, Dr. Mike!" and bounced out of the office.

I'm so glad we have such a great doctor for the kids. And if anyone is asking, I highly recommend the use of a pediatrician for kids (vs going to the grown up doctors). They are just better prepared and make it less scary and maybe even a little fun or interesting.

When my kids graduate medical school, I will be sending thank you notes to all our pediatricians along the way.

And the nurses.

Especially Janel.

Because she's a good person.

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